#28 - Real-Life Tips For An Awesome Relationship With Your Partner (from Jazzy & Mike)

Today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk is soooo special to me!

A lot of you have asked about my fiancé (and soon to be husband!) Mike — specifically, you wanted to know how we keep our relationship great.

Well… you asked, and I answered!

I’m sharing some real-life tips for an awesome relationship (and two bonus tips for Mike himself!). Now these tips are some #realtalk, which means they’re not the typical tips you hear all the time. But since they’re real-life tips, they can be applies to any relationship… not just a romantic one!


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“We learned dating for a few years that our values are really aligned. Our values with our future goals, for our family, our values with religion and politics, as they say, that is important because we don't fight about those things.”

“We always, always have an adventure planned, always. I mean we have them planned for the rest of the year right now and we have an adventure every single month.”