#10 - How To Prioritize Your Day & Organize Your Tasks

They say there are two types of people in the world: those with red dot notifications on their phones and those without.

Which camp are you in?

I’m asking because today on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast, we’re talking about staying organized!

Now here’s the thing — if you’re a hot mess express, I don’t want you running off. In fact, if you were to look at my closet, you’d think I live off of chaos!

But organizing our priorities, thoughts, and goals is important. It allows us to have more space and time to give into other areas of our lives. So, I’m sharing my tools and processes for staying organized in my personal life!

These are super-simple steps you can implement into your own day. In fact, doing just one will make a huge difference!

We all have different approaches to organization. Whether you love having 100 notifications on your phone or you absolutely can’t stand something being out of place, my challenge to you is to take one little piece of this episode and apply it to your day.


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“I posted a screenshot a while ago, actually on my Instagram stories, and so many people were tagging me about how they started to organize their phone like this.”

“I really, really set the tone for my day with the first couple of hours… even if you have 20 minutes, what you do during that 20 minutes can absolutely set the tone for your day.”