#13 - Everything I Wish I Knew Before Losing Weight

Let me start by saying there are SO many different goals you can set when it comes to health and fitness: getting stronger, balancing good nutrition with a busy life, trying new foods, gaining weight, etc.

Today, we’re talking about a popular one: losing weight; however, what I’m sharing with you can be applied to ANY goal!

Here’s the deal — so often, we think we want to lose weight, and then we just jump in to doing it! What we don’t do is stop to think about our mindset, which plays a huge roll in our goals.

There are so many things I wish I had known before I started my own weightloss journey, and I’m sharing them with YOU on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast today!

These tips are specifically geared toward your mindset, because let’s be real… weight loss is hard! But I believe in you and want you to know that you capable of SO many things when you put your mind to them.

Let’s go get those goals in a healthy and sustainable way!


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“Don’t get so wrapped up in your weight loss that you lose sight of your other goals as well, because life keeps going. There isn’t some magic golden gate we go through once we lose weight.”