#15 - Jazzy Travels (1 of 3) How To Plan Your Trip

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I recently took a trip to Greece and Italy with my now fiancé (I actually got engaged on the trip!).

I’ve gotten so many questions about the vacation that I got to thinking… where can I possibly share all this great info so people can plan their own amazing adventures?

On the Dinner Table Talk podcast, of course!

You know I’m all about helping you live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which includes doing things that make you happy… like traveling! So for the next three episodes, I’m going to be sharing all of the ins and outs of our Europe adventure so YOU can use some of the same tips and tricks for your own trips!

This week’s episode is all about pre-trip planning, from how we choose our destinations, how to find flights and hotels, what to pack, and even which bags to pack it in!


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“Probably my number one tip to you, take a fanny pack. It might sound silly, but that is how Mike and I travel, with our fanny pack. We keep everything important in there.”