#16 - Jazzy Travels (2 of 3) Athens & Santorini, Greece

Last week on the Dinner Table Talk podcast, you heard all about the planning that went into my fiancé and I’s recent trip to Europe — from deciding where to go to finding flights to packing (I even covered what bags we used!).

This week is Part 2 of this 3-part series, and it’s all about our first location: Greece!

You guys asked a ton of amazing questions while we were there, so to help make sure I could answer all of them on the podcast…  I took notes 🤓.

I’m covering EVERYTHING: where we stayed, how we got around, what we saw, the food we ate, and a whole bunch of other tips and tricks for you to use when you plan your own trip.


FREEBIE: Jazzy and Mike's Greece & Italy Itinerary

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“It was my goal, my mission to eat a chocolate croissant every single day, at least one. Mission accomplished.”