#17 - Jazzy Travels (3 of 3) Rome & Positano, Italy

If you’ve been following along with the most recent episodes of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, then you know I’ve been covering alllll the details behind my fiancé and I’s trip to Europe!

This week’s episode is the 3rd and final episode of the series, and it’s all about the last destination of our trip… Italy!

Here’s the amazing thing: this series is so much more than just sharing our itenary and tips. It’s about new perspectives and inspiring YOU to travel!

So whether you’re dying to visit Italy OR you just want some travel inspiration, you’re going to learn tons in this episode (like what to do when you mess up your train ticket from one town to another… 🤷‍).

Travel has completely shaped and changed who I am — I can’t wait to hear how it’s shaped you and how YOU plan to explore this amazing world we live in!


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“That is what’s amazing about traveling. Where else can you experience these things and these rich experiences and new memories? You can’t, because every single place you go has something new and unique to offer.”