#18 - Kitchen Essentials That Aren't A Waste Of Money

Inside the Your Dinner is Planned members-only community, people ask me all the time what kitchen essentials they need to make the recipes.

My answer? Not many!

I’m all about keeping things simple — from the recipes I create for Your Dinner is Planned all the way down to the gadgets I use to make them!

Cooking delicious food doesn’t have to involve a bunch of fancy shmancy, unnecessary kitchen tools — you only need the essentials!


This is exactly what I’m talking about on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast. I’m walking you through all of my kitchen essentials — from the pots and pans I use to the cutting boards I love! I’ve also provided a link to ALL of these essentials so you can grab them for your kitchen.

Here’s the best part though… these are ONLY things I feel are crucial to the kitchen. All those expensive, extra gizmos? You won’t find ‘em here.


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“I think, that's a misconception and a lot of people get intimidated by recipes because they think you might need all of these things. Most of the things I use are just a bowl, an oven, and some spoons.”