#19 - How To Accomplish Goals Outside Your Comfort Zone

The other day, I was uncomfortable… and I’m talking extraordinarily, absolutely, 100% uncomfortable (you guys… I shed tears).

And you know what? It was great!

Don’t get me wrong. It was hard. But it was great.

Here’s the thing, friends: feeling uncomfortable often comes with negative connotations. But in reality, on the other side of uncomfortable is something we really want, but aren’t going after because we’re, well… comfortable!

Which brings me to today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast, where I’m challenging YOU to get uncomfortable so you can achieve those amazing goals you KNOW you can reach.

You have the ability to push through areas that are outside of your comfort zone and achieve your dreams — the first step is realizing where in your life you might feel a bit too comfortable. So let’s get to it!


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“For one, the body has so much potential and it is so powerful and we truly can push it beyond what we expect because this is the day after and I’m great.”

“I applied it to life and I was thinking, what I just experienced with this workout, it’s because I pushed past feeling uncomfortable. I controlled that, I had the power to do that. Where else in my life am I feeling comfortable?”

“If getting out of your comfort zone and pushing past that feeling of being uncomfortable yields all this motivation and empowerment, then why aren’t we doing more of it?”