#2 - How To Define What Healthy Means To YOU

I talk a lot about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

But what does “healthy” even mean? Is it a singular definition that applies to everyone, or is it different depending on the person?

Spoiler alert: It’s different for everyone!

This is exactly what I’m talking about today on the Dinner Table Talk podcast.

In episode two, I’m sharing my opinion on what “healthy” means and how you can adapt it to your own life (something I call the spectrum of healthy choices).

This is all about helping you understand how healthy applies to YOU without feeling like you’re constantly swinging from one “hot tip” to the next.

I’m also going to talk about how to stick to your healthy eating ‘spectrum’ while still being flexible and open to new experiences.


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“The Dinner Table Talk podcast is all about not saying what is right or wrong or not telling you to do this or don’t do that.”

“Because you’ve made that decision that works for you and that aligns with your values or your priorities, you’re already on that healthy spectrum.”

“Have a purpose and have a reason for implementing new things and trying new things. Maybe it’s even just for fun and to see how it goes.”