#20 - 6 Tips To Actually Enjoy Eating Vegetables

Does the thought of eating veggies make you want to cry?

Look, I get it. I’ve heard some people say vegetables take like poo (I totally disagree, but I’ll save you the rant).

Here’s the good news: I’m here to un-poo your veggies with 6 easy and delicious tips that will have you actually enjoying eating vegetables!

Whether you detest veggies, absolutely love them and want some new ways to make them even more yummy, or need some inspiration to get the kids eating their servings, today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast is for you!

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Freebie: 6 Tips to Actually Enjoy Eating Vegetables

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“Just spend a little bit of prep once a week, twice a week, whatever works for you, and then you can get creative with actually adding flavors and trying these methods.”