#21 - 30 Days Of Doing What You Suck At

Confession… when I run, all I think about is being done with it.

I pretty much hate running and for the longest time, I’ve felt like I suck at it!

So with that said, this week’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast might seem a little… strange. Why?

Because I’m breaking down my new goal, which is to run 3X/week for 30 days. That’s right… I’m going to do something I “suck at” consistently for a month! And I want you to join me.

Whether it’s exercise, cooking, reading, or something else entirely, can you imagine how amazing it will feel to accomplish this goal?!

If you can commit to doing something you “suck at” for 30-days, you can commit to anything!

I can’t wait to go through this challenge with you.


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“Whether it’s a goal of moving, of eating, even reading, whatever it is, I challenge you to commit to 30 days of doing something you suck at.”

“If you have to re-prioritize and change around your schedule, then good, because it’s a goal you want to do.”

“Have fun, yes, doing what you suck at, you can have fun while you do that. Because we’re not going to suck anymore. We don’t even suck in the first place.”