#23 - Effective Diets Aren't About Weight Loss

I need to get real with you. There’s something on my chest and I’ve got to get it off… even if it makes some people a little uncomfortable.

Here’s the situation:

Typically, when people are looking for a new diet, they ask one question to figure out if the diet is worth it for them.

“Oh, you did the [fill in diet here]? How much weight did you lose?”

Unpopular opinion coming at you: Losing weight is not the sole measure of a diet’s effectiveness.

In fact… seeking a diet solely based on how much weight someone else has lost is a fast track to failure — and I’m sharing why in today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast.


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“Your health depends on you taking control of these other elements of your life and taking responsibility for managing your stress, and your sleep, and everything else in tandem with your goal of weight loss.”