#25 - What is Good Food versus Bad Food?

You know what I’ve noticed lately?

Somehow, we’ve stopped using “good” and “bad” to describe how foods taste. Instead, we use them to describe food themselves.

“Carbs are bad!”

“Chocolate is bad!”

“Dairy is bad!”

You guys… why in the hell are we classifying foods as good or bad?!

This is ALL over social media — and it’s oftentimes used as a way to make us sign up for some hot new diet, buy a new program, or feel GUILTY so we take some sort of action (AKA, it’s a marketing scare tactic that dilutes education, value, and REAL information).

Now if you’ve been listening to the Dinner Table Talk podcast for awhile, you know that I’m all about defining “healthy” as what works for YOU. Which is exactly why I want to break down the issues of “good” vs. “bad” foods on today’s episode of the podcast.


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“I want to start by saying, if you hear someone say that something is bad, pay attention, because more often than not, it is attached to some type of marketing.”