#26 - The Most Clever Ways To Cook With Cauliflower

There’s a saying going around the interwebz that goes, “If cauliflower can become pizza, then you can do anything.”

But guess what… cauliflower can do SO much more than just become pizza (omg... what does that mean for YOU?)!

Anyhoo, back to cauliflower. This veggie is not just versatile, it’s full of good-for-youness and it’s yummy... which is exactly why I’m breaking down the most clever ways to cook with cauliflower on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast!

From ice cream (whaaat?!) to mashed potatoes, I’m talking about some crazy yet delicious ways to implement cauliflower into your meals.


Episode 26 Freebie: 7 Clever Ways To Cook With Cauliflower

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“Everything you can do with cauliflower. It’s such a versatile veggie, really, really takes on the flavors of whatever you’re adding to it.”