#27 - 4 Steps To Create A Healthier Version Of Your Favorite Food

Are you someone who thinks healthy recipes taste gross?

You’re not alone! So many people feel this way, which is exactly why I share Jazzy recipes with you guys on Instagram, free dessert Friday, and of course, in Your Dinner is Planned — to show you that making healthy versions of your favorite foods can be easy, fun, and most importantly… delicious!

In fact… “healthifying” your favorite foods can be done if four simple steps, and I’m sharing them on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast!

At the end of the day, you enjoy what you eat consistently. So if you want to enjoy healthy foods, you’ve got to eat them. Lucky for you, turning your favorite recipes “healthy” isn’t hard (and is totally delicious).


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“Know that if the food you’re eating is gross, then change something because you can feel great, you can be filling your body and filling your family with nutrient-dense, well balanced, wholesome meals that are healthy and delicious.”