#29 - Buy This, Not That- 5 Ways You Can Cut Down Your Grocery Bill

Does your grocery bill give you a headache? Then today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast is for you! (It’s also for anyone who wants to save money… because who doesn’t?)

People often say that healthy eating can be expensive. I’m here to challenge that, not just through Your Dinner is Planned (which is the easiest and most affordable way to cook healthy dinners for your family), but with these five tips to cutting down your grocery bill!

These five tips use specific swaps, but they can be applied to a whole bunch of grocery products. So what are you waiting for? Get listening and learn how to save on groceries!

Happy shopping!


Episode 29 Freebie: 5 Ways You Can Cut Down Your Grocery Bill

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“I’m always wanting to share those tips so you can feed your family in an affordable way because I’m here to prove to you that eating healthy is not more expensive than eating like crap.”