#31 - Jazzy Travels (Jamaica)

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that my fiancé, Mike, and I traveled to Jamaica recently with his family!

It was SO amazing. From the amazingly blue water to the incredible people (the locals are SO nice!), it was a great experience.

Now, I posted a ton of photos on my Instagram stories (which are now on my highlights).

But I got so many questions about the trip on Instagram (and so much great feedback about the last episodes of Jazzy Travels breaking down our trip to Europe), that I decided to make a new Dinner Table Talk podcast episode all about Jamaica!

In today’s episode, I’m breaking down all the details from our Jamaica trip  — from how we packed, to what we did, to balancing resort life and adventure.

Whether you’re looking to travel to the Caribbean or just pick up some tips for your next vacation, this episode is for you!


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