#4 - Your Guide To Getting Creative With Recipes

Do you ever feel totally boxed in by recipes?

All that measuring! All those rules!

Today on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast, we’re breaking ALL of the rules… all of the baking rules, that is.

If you’ve been dying to learn how to substitute ingredients in baking because of food allergies or flavor (or because you just want to make cookie-dough-flavored muffins, dammit!), this episode is for you!

It’s time to put the measuring cups away and stop impulsively checking those recipe steps. Getting creative with your baking to use the ingredients you want and get the flavors you LOVE is way simpler than you think!


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“I like to say there are no rules, because you can always, always change the recipe just by adding more or less of a liquid or a flour to get the consistency you want.”