#41 - The 3-Letter "F" Word That Will Change Your Life

Whaaat? A podcast about the F-word?!

Okay, you caught me… obviously this podcast isn’t about that F-word.

I’m talking about a different F-word — a 3 letter F-word that will change your life!

I’m talking about FUN.

When was the last time you had massive fun? Is it something that happens daily? Weekly?

On today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, I’m challenging you to have massive fun (especially during those everyday tasks you might dread).

Whether it’s fitness, cooking, sitting in the kiddos carpool, cleaning the house, or some other task you do regularly, we’re about to spice things up. Because what’s life without a little fun?

Here’s to having a blast! 


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“Now, I also love the four-letter F-word, but this three-letter F-word is something I often feel we neglect in our lives–and that word is fun.”

“Having groceries stocked in our refrigerators and our cupboards is a privilege. We get to cook. We get to utilize our kitchens. We get to prepare healthy meals for our family.”