#42 - Staying Hydrated - 12 Easy Tips To Drink More Water

I freaking LOVE water. I mean, I really, truly LOVE it. I have it with breakfast, with snacks, in between snacks, when I’m out, when I’m at home — basically all the time!

Now, because I love water, I don’t have any difficulty drinking it. But I do realize that most people don’t love water like I do and may have trouble staying hydrated.

Sound familiar?

Staying hydrated is so important to our health. It impacts our skin, our digestion, our sleep habits — so much!

This is exactly why I’m breaking down 12 easy tips to drink more water on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast!

Whether you like water enough to drink it throughout the day or you absolutely detest it, chances are, you need to be drinking more water than you are now. My challenge to you is take just ONE of these simple tips and start implementing it today.

Are you in?

Here’s to staying hydrated!


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“What we ingest into our body, what we eat and what we drink, that is so powerful on our brain function, on the health of our skin, our nails, our hair, our energy, even our digestive system, absolutely.”