#43 - 25 Spices & How You Can Actually Use Them

Let’s all be honest… how many spices, seasoning, and herbs are sitting in your pantry right now that haven’t been used in at least 6 months?

We all have those spices that we collect and never throw away. They sit there in the back of our cupboard lonely and begging to be used!

So let’s spice things up, shall we?

Using new spices can add a ton of new and interesting flavor both to new recipes and those you’ve made a hundred times (like chicken!).

Today on the Dinner Table Talk podcast, I’m sharing 25 different spices and how you can actually use them! If you’re seeking to add new flavors to your dishes, or you’re eating the same thing over and over again, or you just want some inspiration, this episode is for you!

Do you have certain spices or flavors you like to use in your recipes? Let me know on Instagram! DM me or share it on your Story and tag me, @JazzyThings, so I can get inspired, too!


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