#47 - Healthy Holiday Substitutions

We are well into the holiday season, my friend. And even if you don’t celebrate any of the holidays in December, it seems like we’re surrounded by delicious holiday food, doesn’t it?

Now listen… you know I’m all about a balanced, sustainable approach to living a healthy lifestyle (I even did an entire podcast episode about how to have a balanced approach to the holidays!).

But what if you could still enjoy your favorite holiday meals, but healthified and with a little more substance?

On today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, I’m giving you five ways to implement healthy holiday substitutes in your favorite dishes.

This is not about cutting out those delicious holiday foods. Instead, we’re talking about how to utilize ingredients and substitutions that have value instead of just empty calories, while still keeping all of the deliciousness and indulgence of your favorite holiday dishes.

Happy Holidays!


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“Butter is delicious but I can nearly guarantee you that you can cut it at least in half or even omit it in a lot of dishes, especially the sweet potatoes and especially casseroles where you have so many other flavors coming together, and you won’t even know the difference.”

“You can make your own whipped cream per se. A substitution with Greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla flavoring, and just whip it up.”