#5 - Why We Don't ALWAYS Have To Be Eating

If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely LOVE food.

But have you ever noticed that food is EVERYWHERE? Everything we do revolves around it!

Want to meet up with friends? Go get food!

Want to spend time with family? Go get food!

Having a date night? Go get food!

This may be an unpopular opinion but… is it possible that we’re missing out on other experiences because we’re trained that everything has to revolve around eating?

If we were to take eating out of the equation as an activity, would you still have a things to do that fulfill you?

This is what we’re chatting about on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast today! Get ready, because I’m challenging you to switch things up!


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“If we’re always thinking about food and if everything has to do with eating, are we missing out on other things?”

“Take some of the time where you would actually be going out to eat or waiting in a line and spend it on doing things that fulfill you in other ways.”