#52 - Jazzy’s Must-Have Ingredients (Keep These Stocked!)

Tell me something… how many times have you bought ingredients for a recipe you were going to make only to throw them away later because you NEVER use them? 🙋‍♀️

Now, one of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Jazzy, what ingredients should I keep in my kitchen?” And let me tell you, I’m all about simplification (so you don’t buy a ton of ingredients you never use!).

I don’t believe in having to use a ton of complicated ingredients to make delicious recipes. In fact, Your Dinner is Planned is all about getting healthy meals on the table without the hassle and overwhelm!  

So naturally, I only have a few signature ingredients that I make sure to keep in my kitchen, and I’m sharing them with you on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast!

Remember, making delicious and healthy home-cooked meals doesn’t mean you have to go crazy at the grocery store. In fact, cooking at home can be so simple (want proof? Your Dinner is Planned is here for you!).

Happy cooking!


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“The must-have ingredients that you can keep in your pantry, keep those stocked, and then you can just grab the inclusions or the add-ins as you want to add flavors.”