#53 - WTF Is Boujee Night And Why You Should Be Doing It

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know there’s something I do every single month.

I post about it.

I swear by it.

I champion it.

Yep… it’s Boujee Night of Abundance.

Boujee Night of Abundance is all about adding a bit of fancy + abundance to your life every single month.

You guys… Boujee Night of Abundance has completely changed my life — for real. And I know it’s going to change yours! It’s all about tapping into what’s going to make you feel amazing and abundant, and to help you step into a higher version of yourself!

On today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast, I’m breaking down exactly what Boujee Night is and how YOU can start having your own with your gal pals.

Remember — you are WORTH a boujee night. You are WORTH all of those feelings of amazingness and abundance!


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