#55 - Vegetable Side Dishes That Are Underrated

We’re switching things up on this week’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast! Mom always said to eat your veggies, and now I’m telling you to do it too. BUT… these ain’t your average veggies, my friend.

In fact, if you’re tired of the same old vegetable side dishes, you’re going to LOVE this episode… because we’re talking about five underrated veggie sides that you can whip up this week!


These five recipes are easy to make and ultra delicious.

Inspired to make one of these this week? Snap a photo and share it on your Instagram story so we can see! Make sure you tag @JazzyThings!

Happy cooking!


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“But when I really started to learn all of the other vegetables we have out there and we can get creative with, then that's where I realized there are so many other ones we just don't see as much about or we don't try as much.”

“Anyways, if I'm calling something a vegetable and it's actually a fruit, whatever. I'm sharing side dishes that we think are vegetables.”