#56 - Jazzy Travels (Tanzania)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw that in December, my husband and I went on a safari in Africa in lieu of having a wedding!

Fun fact: ever since I was a kid, I said I would NOT have a wedding. It just felt, well, boring to me! Instead, I wanted to go on a safari.

Fast forward to when I found myself engaged, there I was, trying to plan a wedding.
We were talking dates, calling venues, working on guest lists. And then suddenly, it hit us… why the heck are we doing this when we could be doing a safari instead?

So that’s what we did

Now, you guys had a TON of questions about our safari, so this week’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast is all about getting your questions answered (because living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat… it’s about how you live!).


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“Are you going to see the animals, and experience nature, and meet people who just completely change your life because they're so amazing? Yeah, so it doesn't matter how much money you spend; it's just how you want to experience it.”

“If you've never flown business class, it's so worth it in so many ways. The seats lay flat. I swear I felt more creative and productive on the flight so I'm going to make more money just because I was so comfortable.