#56 - Jazzy Travels (Tanzania)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw that in December, my husband and I went on a safari in Africa in lieu of having a wedding!

Fun fact: ever since I was a kid, I said I would NOT have a wedding. It just felt, well, boring to me! Instead, I wanted to go on a safari.

Fast forward to when I found myself engaged, there I was, trying to plan a wedding.
We were talking dates, calling venues, working on guest lists. And then suddenly, it hit us… why the heck are we doing this when we could be doing a safari instead?

So that’s what we did

Now, you guys had a TON of questions about our safari, so this week’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast is all about getting your questions answered (because living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat… it’s about how you live!).


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