#57 - Picky Kids At The Dinner Table - Try These Tricks

Do you have picky eaters at home? Is getting the kids to try anything new a challenge?

I’ve got you covered! Inside Your Dinner Is Planned, I’ve created thousands of recipes with a variety of flavors and ingredients that families all across the world have implemented. Not only are kids just trying the recipes (which I consider a win!)... they’re devouring them!

So today, I’ve pulled out five tips from my experience of creating kid-approved recipes that you can use right now to help get your picky eaters to even just try new foods.

Remember, all picky eaters are different! While not all of the tips will apply to your picky eater, trying at least ONE of these is sure to get your kids excited to at least try something new.


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“So many emotions associated with food. Just think if we can get kids excited about food, regardless of what’s actually in the food.”

“It’s not just about eating. It’s about learning, getting them to appreciate, take ownership, feel in control of what they’re eating, and feeling empowered.