#58 - Cook Smarter - Here's How To Never Waste An Ingredient Again

Do you ever feel like you have ingredients at home that you just can’t use?

Challenge accepted ;).

Now, I’ve had a lot of practice turning seemingly “random” ingredients into simple and delicious meals with tons of variety — it’s what I do inside of Your Dinner Is Planned! But I want to encourage YOU to think outside the box as well.

Why? Because defaulting to another night of spaghetti just gets boring after a while, and I’m here to show you that trying new, creative dishes doesn’t have to be a struggle!

Today I’m sharing a ton of recipe ideas using different ingredients you guys shared with me on Instagram.


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“Roasted red pepper - make some homemade marinara sauce and stir in the roasted red peppers. Serve with cheese tortellini.”

“Mix pineapple juice with pulled pork. It would be especially amazing in a crock pot.”