#59 - 5 Things Every Successful Morning Routine Should Have

Did you know that what you do in the morning can impact your day significantly? Think about it — what we do with our first few hours sets the tone for everything else to come that day!

If you start the day energized, full of gratitude, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way, that is going to impact how you handle everything else that day.

So, are you setting yourself up for success each morning? Or are you breezing through your morning routine without much thought and attention to how you plan for the day?

On today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, I’m breaking down 5 morning practices you can use to set your day up for success!

Do you do something every morning to be sure you start the day off with a bang? Let me know on Instagram! Share a picture of your morning routine and be sure to tag me, @JazzyThings, so I can see it!


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“If you are not waking up in the morning expressing gratitude for what we have, then how can you expect more to come?”

“Communication is just a release of energy, a release of emotion, making space for the emotions and the energy that you want to attract.”

“It’s truly just to set that day up to feel good, to feel happy, to be productive.”