#60 - Life Update- I'm Leaving (But I'm Not Going Very Far!)

First, I have to tell you — I am SO freaking grateful for you tuning in and listening over the last year (wow, it’s been over a year!). We have covered so many amazing topics together, from handling stress to traveling the world and implementing fun ingredients into your meal. We have 60 episodes full of tips, tricks, and stories that you can refer back to whenever you’re looking for advice on living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

I’ve loved talking with you every week — but I’ve always realized there are OTHER ways that I can be showing up for you that light me up and will be amazing for you, too. And that’s what I’m talking about on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast.


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“It’s not just about my heart in these episodes, but it’s about the episodes I recorded that I truly, truly know and believe can change your perspective, change your life, change how you feel, change how you view healthy eating.”

“I know I can change the world. We can all change the world because even if it’s just one person that we impact for 20 minutes or a split second, that has a ripple effect.”

“When I say lighting me up, it’s when I know I’m in my zone of genius and I know that it’s easy, it’s light, it’s effortless, it’s fun. That doesn’t mean it’s not work, but it’s just effortless.”