#7 - What To Do When Faced With Criticism

We’ve all felt criticism before.

Maybe we were doing something new, maybe we were being silly, or maybe we posted a picture of our boyfriend shaving our back and it went viral (it happened, it’s all in the podcast)....

No matter what we do, it’s really easy for people to be negative. It’s also really easy for us to latch onto that negativity and feel victimized and hurt.

You know what’s hard (but opens so many possibilities)? Channeling that criticism into positivity!

That’s exactly what we’re talking about on the Dinner Table Talk podcast today.

It’s natural to feel bad when someone criticizes you, but I want to help you channel that negative energy differently so you can feel great AND help impact others.

Who wants more positivity in their lives?


Dinner Table Talk Podcast

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“You know what? Why don’t I take this same feeling of frustration, and this same amount of energy that I’m putting into feeling frustrated, and channel it towards gratitude.”

“I’m not going to change simply because others are expressing negativity which actually is an expression of their own insecurities, really.”

“If you start to feel that negativity, if you start to feel your positivity transition a little bit, think about the positive flow that you can help others feed off of too.”

#5 - Why We Don't ALWAYS Have To Be Eating

If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely LOVE food.

But have you ever noticed that food is EVERYWHERE? Everything we do revolves around it!

Want to meet up with friends? Go get food!

Want to spend time with family? Go get food!

Having a date night? Go get food!

This may be an unpopular opinion but… is it possible that we’re missing out on other experiences because we’re trained that everything has to revolve around eating?

If we were to take eating out of the equation as an activity, would you still have a things to do that fulfill you?

This is what we’re chatting about on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast today! Get ready, because I’m challenging you to switch things up!


Dinner Table Talk Podcast

Your Dinner is Planned

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“If we’re always thinking about food and if everything has to do with eating, are we missing out on other things?”

“Take some of the time where you would actually be going out to eat or waiting in a line and spend it on doing things that fulfill you in other ways.”

#1 - Small Actions That Yield Big Results

Have you ever felt stuck in your life?

Maybe you love your job, maybe you have tons of things to be grateful for, but you still feel just kinda… eh.

Here’s the good news: it is easier than you think to get out of that funk.

In fact, all it takes is ONE step...

ONE small change...

ONE tiny action...

Which is exactly what we’re going to talk about today in Episode 1 of the Dinner Table Talk Podcast!

When you’re feeling complacent, comfortable, or just plain stuck in place, all it takes is a little change to get you moving in another direction (it can be a totally unconventional change — I’ll show you!).

I want to challenge you today. Think of one area of your life that you can improve or one goal you want to achieve. In Episode 1, we’ll chat about how to get there!


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JazzyThings on Instagram

Your Dinner is Planned

Dinner Table Talk Podcast


“I love food, I love eating, I love trying new flavors of food. I was not going to sacrifice that.”

“We’re the only ones who know how our choices and our food choices are going to impact our productivity, our energy, our creativity, and what we can give in more areas of our life.”

“I guarantee you, you find your favorite recipe online, you can cut out so much and it’s still going to taste just as delicious. That’s essentially what I’m out to prove to the world, that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun.”