#6 - 6 Tips To Add Variety To Your Meals

Do you find yourself cooking the same meal over and over?

Or do you find yourself eating out constantly so you can get variety in your meals?

(Not sure? Check your bank account!! It’s a pretty good overview of how often you’re going out to eat!)

That ends today!

I know it can be overwhelming to find different recipes to cook every week, but on this week’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, I’m giving you six simple tips to implement variety into your dinners!

All you have to do is implement ONE of these to shake things up and start enjoying your evening meals again.

Let’s get cookin’!


Freebie: 6 Tips To Implement Variety Into Your Dinners

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“Find an ingredient you have on hand that’s about to expire. An ingredient that is in the very depths of your cupboard, and then find the recipe that uses it. That’ll help you get creative.”

“Get creative. Make some adjustments and just experiment. If you want to try tweaking something or substituting something, just experiment!”

#4 - Your Guide To Getting Creative With Recipes

Do you ever feel totally boxed in by recipes?

All that measuring! All those rules!

Today on the Dinner Table Talk Podcast, we’re breaking ALL of the rules… all of the baking rules, that is.

If you’ve been dying to learn how to substitute ingredients in baking because of food allergies or flavor (or because you just want to make cookie-dough-flavored muffins, dammit!), this episode is for you!

It’s time to put the measuring cups away and stop impulsively checking those recipe steps. Getting creative with your baking to use the ingredients you want and get the flavors you LOVE is way simpler than you think!


Freebie: Baking (made healthy) With Jazzy Kitchen Guide

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“I like to say there are no rules, because you can always, always change the recipe just by adding more or less of a liquid or a flour to get the consistency you want.”

#3 - 6 Tips To Grocery Shop On A Budget

Alright, time to get real.

Who’s guilty of using the following as an excuse to avoid healthy eating?

“Eating healthy is just SO expensive!”

“All of the ingredients for healthy meals cost way too much. I can’t afford it!”

There is a HUGE misconception that healthy eating = expensive. But on today’s episode of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, we’re going to bust that myth!

There are so many things you can do to save money on groceries and still eat amazingly delicious and healthy meals. I’m covering six simple ways on the podcast today.

Even if you implement just one, it will absolutely save you money!

Ready to put some dolla dolla bills back in your wallet? Tune in and let’s get saving!


Freebie: 6 Tips To Grocery Shop On A Budget

Dinner Table Talk Podcast

Your Dinner is Planned


“Buying produce on sale not only allows you to save money, but you’ll start trying new things, and you’ll start implementing new variety.”

“If saving money is a priority, then you need to shop with a grocery list based on what your plan looks like for the week.”

“I know I’m a huge fan of saving money on groceries even if it’s a few dollars every week because that really, really adds up.”